Fraud Blocker SureSmile Teeth Aligners at Our Fort Collins Dental Office

SureSmile Teeth Aligners at Our Fort Collins Dental Office

Straighter Teeth in Just a Few Months

Get Straighter Teeth with Cutting Edge Technology

Teeth aligners are orthodontic devices that are able to correct teeth alignment and give you a straighter smile over a period of time. Most aligners these days are clear aligners. They’re called “clear” because they are made of clear plastic that is nearly invisible to others. This is in stark contrast to braces with metal brackets which are much more noticeable. They are a great option for adults because most people won’t even be able to tell that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.

At our Fort Collins Dentistry, we use SureSmile® teeth aligners to provide our patients with straighter teeth due to the amazing results that we’re able to get using SureSmile’s cutting-edge technology.

What are SureSmile® Teeth Aligners?

SureSmile®, Aligners, are a more convenient and aesthetically pleasing alternative to braces. They can be used for minor movements of teeth that will give you that straight smile you’ve always wanted.

Traditional braces are no longer the only option for confident smiles. SureSmile® utilizes advanced digital technology to create clear aligners that will move your teeth. Your perfect smile is possible with the help of your SureSmile® Doctor, and our Digital Lab of medical experts.

Over a few months, SureSmile® is able to straighten your teeth by using multiple custom-fitted virtually transparent aligners (clear aligners). You get new aligners as needed as your teeth shift.

The fact that they are nearly invisible clear aligners provides a major aesthetic advantage over braces with their metal and wires.

What Conditions Does SureSmile® Treat Effectively?

Many dental conditions that may seem to be just “cosmetic” can also result in more serious dental problems. SureSmile® is able to not only give you a better smile but in many cases is able to prevent dental conditions that can lead to tooth decay and tooth loss.

They can be used to correct the following cosmetic dental conditions:
Crowded Teeth – You already know that crowded teeth can prevent you from having the perfect smile. There are other dental concerns that go along with crowded teeth as well. When teeth are crowded, they can overlap and be difficult to clean. This increases the risk for cavities and gum disease.

Crooked Teeth – Crooked teeth can make your smile less than appealing and can result in an uneven bite and less than optimal chewing function. This can potentially result in extra strain on the teeth, jaw pain, and dental problems like broken or cracked teeth over time.

Gaps in Teeth – Gaps in your smile can not only look bad but can create dental hygiene challenges as the gaps tend to collect pieces of food. This can create a bacteria breeding ground that leads to dental problems

Crossbite – A crossbite is a dental problem in which the teeth on one side of your mouth are not aligned with the teeth on the other side. This can lead to problems with chewing and speaking, and can also cause teeth to wear down prematurely.

The SureSmile® Process

Initial Consultation

The first step is to call our Fort Collins dentistry for a visit with our SureSmile® dentist. There, you will be given a dental exam and your teeth will be scanned using a digital intraoral scanner. This will help us to determine if you’re a good candidate for SureSmile.

Assuming that SureSmile® would be an effective treatment option for you, a 3D digital impression of your teeth, as well as images of your teeth and face, will be taken in our office.

Treatment Plan

Your Fort Collins dentist at Murphy Dental will then work closely with the SureSmile® team to come up with a treatment plan. Your entire progression to a great new smile is modeled using SureSmile’s cutting-edge digital laboratory proprietary software. Each stage of your smile is planned out in great detail. From this process, we are able to come up with the exact number of custom-fit clear aligners to achieve your desired smile.

Approximately 7 days after your initial consultation, our dentist will then have you come back into our office so that we can go over the treatment plan with you. Once you approve your treatment plan, your SureSmile® Aligners will be fabricated and sent to our dental office.

SureSmile® Treatment Begins

A few days after you approve the treatment plan, you’ll come back to our dental office to receive your very first set of SureSmile® aligners. You will soon notice that your clear aligners, when worn in conjunction with your customized treatment plan, are comfortable and virtually invisible. No one will be able to tell know you’re wearing them.

Ongoing Treatment

The duration of your treatment plan is going to be different for every individual. The process typically takes around six to eighteen months – but this can vary greatly based on individual needs.
You’ll have an aligner for your upper teeth and an aligner for your lower teeth. You’ll usually wear one set of aligners for one or two weeks according to your treatment plan. You’ll then move on to the next set of clear aligners as your teeth are gradually moving towards your smile goal.
During the active treatment phase of the process, you’ll be coming into our Fort Collins dental office on about a monthly basis so our dentist can make sure you’re on track. It also allows us to make minor changes to the treatment plan when necessary.

Treatment Completed

At the conclusion of your treatment, your teeth will have been transformed into the smile that you were hoping for. At this point, you will receive retainers that you will wear in order to retain that fantastic new smile. Patients also have the option to have a permanent retainer placed to hold the position of the teeth without having to wear an appliance.

How Does SureSmile® Compare to Other Clear Aligners?

Faster Results

The SureSmile® treatment plan actually is three months quicker than a leading competitor. While the aligners are comfortable and nearly invisible, getting to your desired smile more quickly is always good.


SureSmile® uses Essix ACE Plastic to create your aligners. Essix ACE is an industry leader in dental plastics.

Why SureSmile® Clear Aligners are Better than Mail Order Aligners

Unlike aligners that are done by mail, you get major advantages by having a dentist oversee your smile transformation process. You get committed and regular dental care throughout the process to make sure that everything is on track to provide you with the beautiful smile that you deserve.

1) A Comprehensive Dental Exam

You’ll get a comprehensive dental exam in our Fort Collins dental office conducted by our dentist.

Usually, there is no in-person dental exam with mail-order teeth aligners. This can lead to major problems.

Not everyone is a candidate for clear aligners. While they are very effective at moving teeth for most people, it is essential to get a comprehensive dental exam first.
The condition of your teeth and your bone structure may eliminate using clear aligners as an option. Previous dental work (like crowns and veneers) may make use of a clear aligner a poor option.
The only way to know for sure if clear aligners are for you is to set up an appointment for a comprehensive dental exam. If you aren’t a good fit for clear aligners, our dentist may have another orthodontic or cosmetic dentistry recommendation to give you a straighter smile.

2) Get Accurate Dental Impressions

You don’t have to deal with taking your own messy at-home dental impression and being concerned whether or not you took the impressions correctly. With SureSmile®, we use cutting-edge technology to scan your teeth – not a messy impression kit.

3) Regular Dental Checkups at our Fort Collins Location

Tooth movement with clear aligners can sometimes occur more quickly – or less quickly than anticipated. Each patient reacts to dental treatments in slightly different ways. If your teeth move too fast it can cause serious dental issues.
By coming into our office for regular checkups, we’re able to adjust the treatments as needed and prevent any adverse effects from occurring. If you’re experiencing any problems with the aligners, we’re right around the corner and able to help.

How Many Hours per Day Will I Need to Wear SureSmile® Aligners?

You can take them out for meals, but you’ll want to have them in for most of the day – including when you sleep. For the treatment to be effective, you’ll need to count on wearing your clear aligners anywhere from 20-22 hours each day.

How Much Do SureSmile® Aligners Cost? Does Dental Insurance Cover the Cost?

Dental insurance varies widely by insurance carriers and plans. Some dental insurance plans will cover at least part of the cost of clear aligners. We are insurance experts at Murphy Dental. Call us with your insurance plan and we can give you the details as to how much your insurance will cover.

Note that every treatment plan is different and there isn’t a fixed cost for SureSmile® aligners. There is no way for us to know how much the total cost will be until you come in for your exam and initial consultation. At that point, we should have even more detail about total costs and how much your dental insurance may help to offset those costs.

We are very flexible with payment options. Cash, credit cards, and CareCredit financing can all be used. We also do accept most major insurance carriers.

How do I Eat and Drink with my Aligners?

You’ll usually want to remove your aligners for eating and drinking.

Aligners can stain from food and beverages, and hot beverages and food can actually warp or melt the aligners.
You can keep them in when drinking plain water (that isn’t too hot or too cold).
Before putting your clear aligners back on, you’ll want to make sure to brush your teeth.

Are Clear Aligners the same as Clear Braces or Invisible Braces?

No, invisible braces and clear braces are braces that are attached to the teeth. Ceramic braces also fall into this category in that they are braces that are clear. They just aren’t as visible as metal braces. Clear aligners can be inserted and removed from your mouth and are extremely difficult for others to see.

Easy Payment Options

We accept most major insurance, cash, most credit cards, and offer patient financing with Cherry and CareCredit.
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SureSmile Aligners

Straighter Teeth in Just a Few Months

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